Monday, November 22, 2010

I Want to Know What Love Is.......

There is a saying that says love is a many splendid thing. Have you ever wondered what makes it so splendid? Or what is that thing we call love? We are taught that love is not suppose to hurt. But who among us has not been hurt by that thing called love? Who among us has vowed never to feel that way again about any one; only to find ourselves right back there again?
In the movie For Colored Girls, Kimberly Elise spoke of her character as having an obligation to love her man back to the man he was before he left going to war. How many of us have thought that if we just loved him/her more then...???

Love is beautiful when it is used right. A mother's love to her unborn child. A siblings sacrifice of an organ. A wife's unyielding support to her husband's dreams. A husband's patience with his wife's changing career plans.

Some of us, when we love, we love hard. As R. Kelly says in his new song, when a woman loves, she loves for real.

Some of us think love is attached to another thought or feeling. In this way love is conditional, based on what I need, how I feel or what the other person has done. In my opinion, this type of love is dangerous because it changes frequently based on circumstances and it is confusing to the receiver who may not know how to respond.

Hezekiah Walker says in his song God Favors Me love is patient, love is kind, love is felt best when it is genuine. This is the type of love that I think we all long for. This type of love that is unconditional, it is not attached to anything else. We love inspite of the other person.

The issue is to not allow the love we have for someone to blind us when that love doesn't just hurt, but is abusive. Love can be wonderful and sometimes it does hurt. But in the words of a famous poet I would rather have had love and lost it than not have loved at all.

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