Sunday, June 26, 2011

Everybody Won't Make It

There comes a time when you have to make some room in your life. God has a funny way of helping you to make room when you are moving too slow. Have you ever checked your luggage at the airport only to find out your bags were too heavy and you needed to get rid of some stuff? Isn’t that the most embarrassing feeling to have to go through your items in front of everyone and rearrange your luggage just to make a flight? You hear the whispers as you are trying to handle this situation. As you are going through this process, you realize that you were carrying some unnecessary ‘weight’.

What about people? Are there people in your life that you need to deal with? I know I have some. As I was thinking about this, one of my favorite Bible stories came to mind: Moses and the children of Israel.

I am reminded that although all of the children left Egypt, not all of them made it into the Promised Land. This concept spoke volumes to me for so many reasons. They all had every opportunity to make it, but because of the choices they made, they did not. Some of them even hindered others from making it in. Are there people in your life that are hindering you? That is influencing you to do things you know that are not right? Even after all of the miracles they had witnessed firsthand, they were still able to be misled. Do you remember what Moses saw when he came down from the mountain? There was total chaos, confusion and mayhem.

Are you having a total chaos moment in your life? Have you taken a look at your surroundings to see if something or someone is in your way?

If we are not careful, we will find ourselves like Moses and the children of Israel. When we are disobedient to the will of God, there are consequences. We will see the promise, but will not be able to receive it. So for those people that wants to walk out of life. Let them walk. For those people that are influencing you in a negative way get rid of them. For those people that don’t understand you, stop explaining yourself to them. They will never understand you. For those people that say they love you and care about you but their actions show you something different, believe what they show you. For those people that promised they would be there for you but when you needed them, you could not find them. Stop looking for them.

Move some things around in your life. Dump the unnecessary  weight. Stop so you can let some people off of the ride of your life. It is time to make room for the people you have yet to meet that want to improve your ride.

Remember, everybody won’t make it!!!!!

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Be Blessed, Sisterfriend

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Embracing Your Strengths

My best friend since kindergarden often tells of a story where she claims I turned the entire second grade against her and another girl. Here is the story.

The other girl, I'll call her Felicia, had beat me in selling candy by one box and thus was the first place winner in the whole school. My best friend says that I convinced everyone that they should not play with Felicia.  She decided that I was not being fair and so she befriended Felicia. My best friend then says that I told the whole second grade not to talk to or play with either one of them. I do not recall this event, but if it did occur that way, I must be really good with the art of persuasion.

Do you have a talent or gift or just a certain skill set that is often misunderstood? When you exercise that talent or gift do people perceive you to be showing off? Do they perceive you as a know it all?

Sometimes my ability to get things done is misunderstood. Some say I am bossy. Others say that I am pushy. Some even say that I can be a tad bit demanding and a bully. Of course, I do not see myself in those terms.

I do know that I have a unique way of connecting with people. I know that I know a little bit about a lot of things. I know that in life we all want to be loved and needed and appreciated. So when I ask people to do things, I keep all of that in mind.

The challenge in having this ability is that some people will try to misuse it. Because they know I can get it done, they always ask me to either work with someone or to do it. They also know that I am not going to sit around and see something that needs to be done and wait on either the person in charge or someone else to do it. Something on the inside of me takes over and I jump into action.

So the next time that your talent, gift or unique skill set takes over, just sit back and enjoy the ride. They may talk about you in the beginning, but in the end they will be talking to you.

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Be Blessed, Sisterfriend