Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Did you hear that?

Life is full of blessings and tragedies and we are responsible for how we respond in both cases.  We have to do a better job of accepting our part when we participate in madness and dysfunction.  We have to remember that when 'we know better, we do and are better'.  I cannot blame the other person in the relationship for hurting my feelings, when I know that is exactly what the other person is going to do.  We have to do a better job of getting and staying in touch with that 'thing' that tells us something is not right.  Trust me I know there are some people who make it their mission to make someone else's life miserable or to bring them hurt, harm and danger.  I know that at the end of the day, 'we all want to be loved'.  And sometimes that need to be loved causes us to do some things, accept some behaviors and ignore some signs that over time could be detrimental to our very existence.  We may not die in the flesh, but our spirit and souls leaves us wondering why.

Accepting the fact that we are responsible for teaching people how to treat us, we must take the time to teach ourselves how we want to be treated.  It is never too late to break generational curses and to start living your own history.  All things happen for reason; God does not make mistakes.

If you find yourself in a situation that is not allowing you to not only live your best life but to find or define your best life, then it is time to make some decisions.  You may find yourself feeling alone or isolated. You may find that you don"t have the strength to go it alone.  You may find that someone just came from where you are.  Whatever you find, remember the decision is yours to make.  Which also means the responsibility is yours to take and the consequences are yours to accept.

Until next time,
Be Blessed, Sisterfriend


Anonymous said...

Those are powerful words my sister. I can honestly say that I have been on both ends of the spectrum. I have been mistreated and I have also mistreated others. Although I would say it was in retaliation, doesn't make it better. These are the days that grown folks need to act grown.Game playing must come to an end. For over 15 yrs I settled and accepted things that I truly didn't deserve. It weighs on your spirit and it affects your personality, outlook and gives you a negative view of relationships. After you have accepted being someones door mat for so long you build up caloused skin. You lose focus and sight of who you are, what you are and who it is that you serve. If you don't stay prayed up and rapped up in your God, then it could have drastic repercussions.Just learn to love you. Learn that Like My sister said, you can break generational curses. Once you learn to Love you, and stand up for who you are. You will find a calming influence that begins to take over and you will begin to grow again and blossom as an individual. Never again allow someone to put a price tag on your worth. When in a storm, just keep on moving and you will walk right through it. Thanks for your insight and for edifying all those who are ready to hear. Brother Orlando

Anonymous said...

Very powerful words from you both. It takes a lot for a person to stand up and set those boundaries that help us say no more. On my journey of loving me, I have learned a great deal about respecting myself and teaching others how to treat me. Thank you both for your beautiful words of encouragement!

Sister Friend said...

Orlando, I am happy that you have found some peace on your journey. God told Noah that the rainbow would be the sign that the storm was over. It sounds as though you can see your rainbow taking shape. Keep trusting, keep believing and keep growing. Be Blessed

Sister Friend said...

To anonymous, thank you for your kind words. The journey you are on to loving you will be filled with peaks and valleys, but remember it is all part of the process. Be Blessed

Anonymous said...

Sister Friend and Orlando, the words you both spoke are medicine for those of us going through this season where closing doors are a must because we have carried hurts year after year until it has become a part of our spirit. Thx you both for your words