Sunday, April 10, 2011

Do You Love You?

I love me. I don't always like me, but I do love me.  Why do I love me? Because, in spite of my imperfections, I am what I am. 
I have taken the time to get to know me and figured out my likes and dislikes.  What about you? Do you really know you? Do you know what you like or dislike? Do you think it is important for you to inform others of your fondness of you?  I do.

I think it is of vital importance for you to tell others of the things that move you. Some will call that bragging or being conceited or even cocky. I call it convinced of what I know to be true about me.  When we allow people to stand in the way of us moving, that is our fault. When you love something, you cherish it, you nurture it, you protect it. For some of us, our actions are not showing that we love ourselves. We allow ourselves to be mistreated, to be abused, to be deprived, to be neglected, to be taken advantaged of or taken for granted.

We generally feel love for someone or something after we have spent some time with them.  Take a look at you and tell yourself that you love you.  Send yourself some balloons or flowers that say 'I Love You'.  Write yourself a note about how great you are. Take some time to celebrate you.   It is my belief that we need to spend more time with ourselves so we can learn to love ourselves more. 
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What do you think?

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Be Blessed, Sisterfriend


Nichole Franks said...

I do love myself. Thank you for asking. I learned that you have to learn about your likes and dislikes and be honest about it. We are not honest with ourselves. We want to put up fronts and be what others want us to be. Once I learned I wanted to be me, I learned who I was and Like who I am.
I had to stop listening to others, that was a big problem. For example, people think I love to be around them. So I use to think that as well. I learned I like being by myself.
Also, I had to learn to listen to God and me, not others. Now, I am in love with me, which makes me love God even more for creating my good traits and bad. Working on my imperfections is an ongoing challenge that makes me a better person.

Thank you for asking

Sister Friend said...

I so agree with you Nichole about the need some people have to listen to others instead of to God and to themselves. Working on my imperfections is what keeps me and God talking on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing and for loving you!

L. Michelle said...

I definitely love me, in all of my many inperfections. No matter what I have had to endure, God made me in His own image and that's good enough for me!
So many times I have had people to tell me that I am vain, but instead of getting offended, I smile, because that lets me know that others can see just how much I love myself too!!
My motto: Be so in love with yourself that it will cause others to want to feel the same way about themselves!

Sister Friend said...

So true L. Michelle, people sometimes can't handle how much I love me. But I don't give in to them either. As you stated, God made me and that is good enough for me. Thanks for sharing and for loving you!!

The Professor said...

Awesome blog!