Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Managing your Skill Set

See full size imageHow many times have you sat in a meeting and felt like you were the only grown up in the room?  What do you do when you disagree with the person in charge? What do you do when you know that 'a' decision being made is not the 'best' decision? 

I have dealt with all of these situations. In each one, I had to remember what I was there to do. I had to remember who was depending on me to still be there when the meeting was over. I had to remember if I was on the other side of the table, what would help me to hear from others.

This may not be easy to do all of the time.  Especially when you know with every fiber of your being that the decisions being made are not the best decisions. But what can you do???

You do what you know is right to do.Sometimes, it doesn't feel right, but a good leader is also a good follower. You state your position, devoid of emotion. You respond in such a manner that your message will be heard. At the end of the day, you want to show that you are a team player, but that you are also an independent thinker.

There are some people in leadership positions that have no clue about leading, directing, motivating or developing people. Some are in their position not because of what they know, but because of who they know and how long they have been around.  Unfortunately, that has little to do with how you do your job.

So remember to be true to yourself and to be true to the mission of what you have been hired to do. Trust me, it works.

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