Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning

See full size imageIt is that time of year again when you prepare for the upcoming season.  Spring is here. Have you thought about doing any spring cleaning yet? Spring cleaning used to be about cleaning your house from top to bottom; packing your winter clothes and unpacking your summer clothes; cleaning out the yard and planting new flowers and cleaning out the garage.

Today, spring cleaning is also about letting things go and sending people packing right out of your life.

So, are there any people you may need to see go as seasons change from winter to spring? If so, how will you 'spring clean' them away? Will you tell them that their season is over or will you let them figure it out?  Will you pack them away in a box and place them in storage for later or will you place them on the curb to be picked up on 'bulk pick up day'?

See full size imageEither way, the choice is yours to make. If there are people, things, situations that are weighing you down and hindering you from being your 'best' you, then it is time to release them from their prime location in your world.  Just like we move furniture around so we can see the room from a different angle, we should also consider moving people around to ensure we getting from them what we need. 

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