Friday, March 4, 2011

Look for the Trees

We are living in some very challenging times.  Some days it is not only hard to see the forest for the trees, but to recognize the trees as well.  Some days just getting out of bed is a struggle.  Although we have much to be thankful and grateful for, there are some days that it just all seems too much to bear.

See full size imageWe read, we study, we fast, we pray, we listen for the still voice.  We read, we study, we fast, we pray, we listen for the still voice.  And it all still seems too much to handle.

When will it end we ask? Am I really cut out for all of this? What does it really mean to hold on until my change comes?  What exactly do I want to change? How have I participated in this madness, in this day to day struggle that I am in? 

I often wonder how did Harriet not lose it when people around her started complaining about the accomodations she had made for them.  Or how Sojourner didn't just go completely off when she was not only looked over, but looked through, around and left out.  How did Betty, Coretta and Myrlie hold it together for an entire race of people?  What made learning to read so important to Mary and Maya? See full size image

Those were challenging times, and yet we are still here.  We are still here because there is still work to be done.  We all have a part to play in how this story ends.  We are still in control of our own destiny. I know at times it may appear that someone else in control, but we must again begin to embrace our value. Not just as consumers but our value to ourselves. 

We already know that we are more than conquerors.   Those that have come before us has proven that to be true. 

So as we stand face to face to these challenging times, we must remember that the race is not given to the swift nor to the strong but to the one who endureth to the end.  Believe and hold on to the fact that your latter days will be greater than your past. 

Hold on, I think I see the forest and the trees.

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Until next time
Be Blessed, Sisterfriend


The Professor said...

Interesting post Sister Friend.

I believe that the data seems to suggest that your proposition is true. We are living in some very challenging times:
1) an aging population and the affects that this will have on the job market, healthcare, and social security;
2), balancing between the citizens right to privacy and the government’s responsibility to protect us from terrorism;
3), perpetual deficits over the past two decades that have resulted in a national debt of over $14 trillion today and expected to reach 350% of GDP by 2050;
4), the increasing income gap between the poor and the wealthy;
5), increasing number of those uninsured and under-insured;
6), global warming and our governments lack of preparedness for it;
7), the utter failure of our penal system to rehabilitate criminals;
8) the country's dependence on oil, especially from abroad;
9) the reality that most of our national debt is owed to China, Japan and the middle east; and
10) the devaluation of the dollar compared to other currencies.

Although, it is certainly difficult, at times, to see the forest for the trees, I believe that in many cases, people fail to see, consequently, fail to appreciate, the treasures that are hidden in plain sight.

I believe that Harriet, Sojourner, Betty, and Coretta were able to endure the magnitude of the aforementioned situations because of their ability to appreciate the forest for all the beauty it had to offer; Their actions seems to suggest that their foresight enable them to recognize that trees could bear fruit and provide nourishment. Moreover, collectively the trees could provide shelter, shade, and concealment.

So as we stand face to face to these challenging times, I would encourage your readers to lift up thy eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh thy help.

Use the forest… you may find what you are looking for right in front of you.

Sister Friend said...

Professor, I agree with you. We sometimes do fail to see what is in plain sight. Not only do we fail to see it, but when we do see it, we sometimes still fail to act. We see the potential for chaos and instead of avoiding it, we go straight towards it. I agree, that sometimes we need to just enjoy the moment we are in.