Friday, September 3, 2010

What type are you?

So, by now you have heard about Ti and Tiny getting arrested for drug charges. Some say that Tiny should say every thing was hers so Ti could continue his career and stay out of jail. Some say that if she loves her man, she would not have allowed him to get in this situation. Some say a true 'ride or die' female, always falls on her sword for her man. Here is my take, Ti is a grown man and makes decisions for himself. Tiny is a grown woman and makes decisions for herself. Neither one of them had to be driving around with weed smoke in the car and other drugs on their person. In my opinion, a 'true ride or die' female, thinks things through. She weighs out her options and acts accordingly. When you are a mother with your children, the welfare of them should be your number one priority. So my question is, which type are you? Do you fall on your sword all the time or do you weigh your options because others are depending on you to protect them? In this case, who are protecting the children?

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Anonymous said...

I have been very fortunate that the men I have dated if they were involved in any illegal acts, no matter how much it hurt me in the end walked away. The first time it happened to me was in my mid-20’s and it took me a while to understand why he walked away. Years later he explained, he thought I was a good girl and had a lot going for myself and he didn’t want his mess to adversely affect me. TI has been given more, so he is required to do more and make wiser choices for his family. Tiny should have the intelligence to know if they both continue to engage in criminal acts the consequences for their actions. The choice was both of theirs, therefore both of them should deal with the fallout and it should not be about her being a ride or die, but about two parents that continue to make selfish choices. I am a ride or die that will make the choice(s) that are best for my family. I am strong enough to say to my man you are making a decision or behaving in a manner that is not in the best interest of our fam. Ride or Die keep it real and tell the truth, even when the mate doesn't want to hear it!!!