Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lemons, Grapes, Oranges, Apples

In life we are told, 'when life gives you lemons, make lemonade'. Why are we never told to make 'grape juice' out of grapes? Or 'orange juice' out of oranges? Or 'apple juice' out of apples?  Is it because grapes, oranges and apples are sweet tasting whether eaten alone or made into a juice?  Is it because lemons are considered to be a 'bitter tasting' fruit when eaten alone, but when squeezed to its core, it makes something tasty?

Is this the lesson, that when we are 'squeezed' to our core, we still turn out ok?  I believe this.  I know when I am pushed, my product is better at the end.  My husband has a unique way of getting to my core when we are working on something. I don't like the process, but I love the results.

So I guess that is why we make lemonade from the lemon.  I am sure the lemon doesn't like the pushing, and rubbing, and rolling, and cutting and finally the squeezing. But when it is all over, and you add a little sweetness to cut through the bitterness, you have a pretty good product.

This is life. Things don't always come in the package that we like, but when we work at it, we end up with something great.  Can you imagine the face of the person that created lemon juice and then eventually lemonade?  How labor intensive that process was? I doubt that the lemonade drink we enjoy today was accepted immediately.  But they kept squeezing and squeezing until they got it right.

That is how God works.  He sometimes has to take us to the very core of our existence to get out of us what He wants to use.  It doesn't feel good.  Sometimes I feel misused, misunderstoond, isolated, bruised (both physically and emotionally) and mistreated.  In my mind, I am wondering, 'does it take all of this', 'does it have to hurt so much'?

The short answer is yes. To get the best tasting lemonade, you have squeeze a lot of lemons to get the right mixture. It doesn't matter what you add to it, at the core, at the base of it all, it is the processing of the lemons that makes the lemonade. 

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Be Blessed, Sisterfriend


Anonymous said...

It feels really good when you know you have gotten all out of those lemons that you could. It it the same way when we are struggling with challenges in life; we have got to be willing to be used by God. We can not hold back. We can not be afraid of being used over and over again as long as we know that we are hearing from God. Although the strength and the concentration of the lemons are very important in making lemonade, we have to be in the right place to provide just the right amount of sugar to balance sweet and sour. Keep it coming Jema.

Sister Friend said...

I so agree with you 'anonymous'. We do get a feeling of accomplishment when we get what we need out of something that we have worked so hard for. Pressing our way when we are tired, sick, lonely, scared and the like. But those of us that believe know that God is always in control even when it doesn't feel like it. Thanks

Wynnter-Marie said...

Really enjoyed reading your blog and will also be following you on twitter.