Friday, January 28, 2011

Guess What I Figured Out

I made a discovery this week about myself. I don't think that I have been in denial, but it was definitely an 'ah ha' moment.  Ok, here it goes. In the words of Usher, here is my confession.  See full size image

I realized this week that I am an emotional eater.  Ok, it is out. Not sure how I feel now that I have said it, but I won't take it back. I am not sure how long I have been an emotional eater, but ....

I think this is the first time that I have been still long enough to make this connection.  Before, I was working, running juvenile facilities or until last June, traveling 2-3 weeks a month. So I don't know how long I have had this condition.  I have seen the shows with people talking about being an emotional eater, but I never seemed to have anything in common with them. So, I never made the connection.

It hit me this week when I realized I was eating when I wasn't hungry.  I was having a reflective moment as I was driving down the street.  Feeling great in some areas but feeling inadequate in other areas. So of course the inadequacies told me I needed to eat something to feel good again. It was in that moment that I said it out loud to the angels in the car with me, 'I AM AN EMOTIONAL EATER'.  Then I immediately said, ok now what?

So that is where I am today,

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Until next time
Be Blessed, Sisterfriend


S. Brown said...

Well, Big Sistah Almighty, you are NOT alone. I am an emotional eater, too, but I realized it during grad school. I've tried my best to control it, and I've been doing well until about 30 minutes ago. I just lost myself, and the funny thing is I was talking to myself about not needing to eat while I was eating. Our bodies are temples of God, and I know I must do better at taking care of this blessing that He has given to me. So, with that said, I am back on program and will continue to do well. Love ya, Big Sis!!! We will get through this together, because the devil is a LIARRRRRRRRR!!!!! :-)

loyal queen said...

I realized this some years ago, but just recently decided to try something different. I eat more so when I am bored or just relaxing. If I am watching TV, reading a good book or listening to music, it just seems so natural to put something in my mouth, seems to make whatever I am doing more enjoyable. I usually eat my meal (lunch or dinner) before I settle in to do something relaxing. That keeps me from wanting anything else. Just something I do... I would look at my patterns and choose something easy to change and that could be a starting point. Whatever you do, make sure it's for YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Sis, you are in good company! I've come so far losing weight. Seventy-five pounds is not easy, but now that I am more stressed; I've gained about ten pounds that I really want off. When I think about my situtation; how I am really going the extra mile in a lot of ways and how unhappy I am at work... it's really full circle that I am seeking comfort in those old familiar places. I've not said that our-loud either. Hum, what shall we do?... I know. I trusted God to help me lose the weight. I just need Him to carry me the rest of the 60 lbs; I'll be where I want to be wtih my weight... I must start today, preparing for tomorrow to get back on track. I needed to read this today! Thanks

Sister Friend said...

You all have said some pretty powerful words.

You are right S.Brown, my body is a temple and I must begin to treat it as such.

Thank you loyal queen for the tips, I will try to incorporate that into my day.

Sometimes anonymous, saying things out loud is the push we need.

Anonymous said...

From Earline: Well you have started the first step of a journey you will now take by realizing the issue. The next steps on your journey may be rocky but setting a plan of action which includes the outcome you want, the steps you will take to achieve it, the plan of action to not stay down when you give and the reward you will give yourself when you overcome. These are the things I did for myself when I discovered I was an emotional shopper; which I didn't realize until I was broke and felt sad not about the lack of money but about not being able to shop. I Kept a journal and wrote in it everytime I had those urges. Than I would read what I was feeling which helped me not to feel any worst by going out and spend money I should not be spending on for example another pair of badd black heels. Be encouraged. EARLINE